Business Formation

AGS Business Consulting and Coaching

Artboard 26Partnering with entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and small businesses.

What areas do we consult?


Understanding your particular market and bringing the best practices for your industry is key if you’re looking to expand your markets, create or extend your product portfolio, and organize your company to promote efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We can partner with you from the start and aid you in setting up your business and/or in reaching your next milestone.

Organization and Operations

Improving the efficiency of your production processes can help you reduces steps and costs. As a partner we will examine your current business process, map out your existing processes, analyze opportunities for reducing the number of steps in that process while maintaining or increasing quality, and engineer a process that is both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Technology and Digital Assets

As the demands of new technology are impacting all industries every day, we will enhance your capabilities and make your company more flexible and efficient in meeting the ever-changing needs of customers. Whether you need us to develop a new system or update and integrate your current system to optimize your productivity, we have the solutions to help meet your needs.

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